I Traveled To The End Of The Earth: Antarctica


Recently I had the most amazing opportunity to quite literally travel to the end of the earth to Antarctica and of course I just had to write this post and share my experience with you. I will start by saying that it this was the single greatest trip of my entire life, so I hope you enjoy reading more about it.

How do you get there?

The first thing that you are probably thinking  about is how to get to Antarctica and it is a very good question because it is quite literally at the end of the world. The most popular way to get there is via cruise ship from South America. Most cruise ships depart from Ushuaia, which is located in the bottom part of Argentina. There are other ships that leave from other parts of South America, but these are far less common.

How to choose the best cruise ship for you

Now that you know how to get to Antarctica, the next thing to focus on is the actual ship that you will take to get there. I was lucky enough to be on a cruise ship that actually allows you to leave the ship and get up close and personal with the Antarctic landscape. Believe it or not some people visit Antarctica, but never actually get to step foot on the continent itself! The ideal thing to look for is a smaller ship that will allow you to get off and do these other activities. The best thing to do is to simply research this beforehand and weigh up all the options.

If it’s possible you should go for as long as possible, especially when you think that you are probably going to get the chance once in your life. It is very unlikely that you will go back, especially when you consider the time, cost and distance.

What can you do there

There is quite a lot that you can do and the first thing that you typically is visit the South Shetland Islands. These have a great historical significance due to their part in the race to the South Pole and many Antarctic explorers had some connection to these islands that lie very close to Antarctica.

One thing that I really enjoyed was getting on a Zodiac boat tour. These small rubber boats allow you to get up close and personal with the Antarctic landscape. You can weave in and out of the icebergs or see some of the wildlife close up. I was lucky enough to see some penguins relaxing on some ice and also a whale that was a mere 20 metres away!

Speaking of whales, the best chances to see them are during February or March, which is towards the end of the Antarctic summer and when the ice begins to break up more. Be sure to take this into account when you think about when you are planning to go there.