Tips for First Time Business Travelers

Has your manager just presented you with an out of town assignment? Are you a new sales representative covering a territory that requires out of town overnight travel? If you’re heading out of your first business trip you may well be both excited and understandably a bit nervous. Remind yourself that you would not have been charged with the trip if your qualifications were not up to the task. Follow these recommendations from seasoned business travelers to ensure your first business trip is a success.

The first step is to understand your company’s travel and entertainment expense policies. Will you be issued a company credit card for your expenses or will you use your own and be reimbursed? Do you need to make your own travel arrangements or will the company book your hotel, flights and transportation? Determine this process before making any bookings on your own. If you are charged with making your own reservations, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and book your hotel through You’ll get good will for saving company dollars!

If you’re still sporting the same duffle bag or backpack from college, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in business appropriate luggage. A carry on spinner in a muted color is most fitting for business travel. Whether you’re departing for the airport on a weekend or midweek, wear business attire for your trip. This is important whether you’re travelling with coworkers or traveling alone. You may be meeting a client, vendor, and supplier or industry representatives upon arrival and will need to make a positive and professional impression.

Finally, be sure to have all of your presentation information and materials at hand. Review the documentation and presentations you’ve prepared for the meetings to ensure all components are correct and sufficient for any distribution necessary. Make a dry run of your presentation if you’re not thoroughly familiar with the material. Stay connected with your coworkers and team members as needed throughout your trip. Take the time upon your return to write a full report on the outcome of your trip.