The unsung heroes: The benefits of school cleaners & caretakers


When it comes to staff in a school, most people would rank teachers as the most vital. This seems fair – after all, they make sure that students know all they need to know moving forward and help them gain the knowledge they need for the future.

However, there are far more members of staff than this in any school, many of whom are unsung heroes of the operation. Janitors and cleaning companies likeNviro help to make sure the school is the perfect place for learning in a number of different ways.


This is an issue that almost goes without saying, but both cleaners and janitors will play a big part in this side of the school’s operation, stopping the spread of illness and making sure everyone in the school is fit and healthy. After all, no one can learn if they are at home in bed, and with so many people in close contact for most of the day, infection can spread quickly.

For cleaners, making sure that all surfaces are well cleaned and disinfected every night to a thorough extent will ensure that bacteria is killed off and significantly reduce the risk of illness spreading throughout the school.

Janitors will also have a role to play though. Air conditioning can seem like a god-send in a stuffy classroom in summer, but these units can also spread infection and illness by circulating air around the building. Janitors need to ensure they are maintained well and that filters are regularly cleaned in order to negate this.


Schools set an example for kids in whatever they see – especially at a young age. There is little point in making sure that teachers are competent and well turned out if the school is not going to reflect this,

Coming into messy classrooms will clog up brains and ensure that children do not operate to the best of their ability while they are at school. Cleaners need to ensure clutter is kept to a minimum and that all rubbish is removed at the end of every day.

In the same vein, a classroom that looks dishevelled or tired will leave pupils feeling the same way. Janitors help to avert this by ensuring they are redecorated and painted to reflect the forward thinking nature of the school. Keeping on top of this is vital to making sure that pupils want to be there and want to learn.

School pride

Just like with a working environment, if someone is proud of where they go to school, and the environment surrounding it, they will look forward to coming in each morning and getting on with their day. This can boil down to having a great school motto and innovative teaching methods among other things, but the unsung heroes will also have a real role to play in this.

Who would look forward, for example, to coming to somewhere covered in graffiti or rubbish? Janitors make sure the grounds are kept free of this sort of thing, as well as keeping the grounds well trimmed and looking spick and span, promoting a positive environment that pupils want to come to.

And cleaning firms can also help with school pride, even through an issue aside from the obvious. Green cleaning is becoming ever more popular, and schools looking to get on board can promote their use of more eco-friendly cleaning services alongside a recycling effort, among other tactics, giving their pupils a pride in their school and a real desire to be there.