Q&A: A guide to managed print services

Firms looking to make savings and improve their bottom lines are likely to be considering a wide range of options to cut their spending, with one of the top trending concepts at the moment being that of managed print services.

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What are managed print services?

Managed print services covers everything to do with the printing processes used by a firm. In many businesses, not a lot of thought is given to printing and this can lead to costs spiralling due to a lack of control.

The first step of embracing the idea of managed print services is to undergo a complete assessment of what is being spent on running devices such as printers, copiers, scanners and faxes. The actual print calculations can be assessed and new solutions taking into account the specific needs of the business can be put together.

What if my business needs change?

The aim of managed print services is to work out where money is being wasted and come up with a plan to ensure printing is being handled in a much more controlled and efficient way.

Firms that are wasting a lot of money on their printing plans will also be able to increase their productivity, cut their carbon footprint and preserve data security as well.

What is my firm spending on printing?

Research by the International Data Corporation has previously found that as much as 11 per cent of a company’s revenue can be spent on its total hardcopy printing, hardware costs and operating costs.

For large companies, this can prove to be a huge amount of money and even for a smaller organisation, the total cost could prove to be a surprise, especially when compared to other budgets within the business.

How much can be saved?

This depends on how much waste there is within an organisation, but it is likely that printing costs can be slashed by around 30 per cent through the use of managed print services. For firms with a lot of printers, copiers, scanners and faxes this can prove to be a massive difference.

What other benefits are there?

Using managed print services to cut the number of devices being operated by a firm has a vast array of benefits, one of which is the reduction in energy usage as a result. Investing in a multifunction printer instead of a copier, printer, scanner and fax machine can result in huge savings on electricity over the course of a year.

In turn, cutting the amount of energy being used by devices such as printers and copiers means a company will be doing its bit for the environment by reducing its carbon footprint.

Will it impact on company productivity?

One of the main goals of managed print services is to make sure the productivity of the business is improved. Among the ways this is achieved is by carefully choosing the placement of devices such as printers to make sure they are in the right place for the needs of members of staff.

Is managed print services right for my business?

The vast majority of companies will be able to make savings through the use of managed print services and it is important to look ahead at the impact in the long run as well.

Having more control over printing can keep a tighter grip on spending throughout the company, while the savings on energy and improvements to carbon footprints cannot be underestimated.