Marketing in a built up business district

Marketing strategies that help to boost brand awareness and drum up more business for a firm are an essential way of producing new revenue streams for a company. There are a large number of different ways to go about marketing to different specific demographics, especially in this increasingly digital world that has seen the likes of email and social media take a front seat in almost everyone’s lives.

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When marketing to business professionals then, your strategies are bound to be different to when merely targeting people in the local area. For instance if you are to market to every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along then you are likely to head out into the streets and meet them face to face. However, with professionals that are used to working long hours in the office, that sort of approach isn’t likely to yield too many results. So, be clear in your mind the different strategies you could use to increase brand awareness.

Connect with professionals in the digital world

The best place to engage with business professionals is online and the generally accepted mode of choice is via email. With billions of people now using email addresses and owning smartphones that can access the internet wherever they are, it is the perfect medium to try and gather a large amount of interest. Email marketing strategies are relatively cheap to run and they can reach as many people as you like.

The key is to find out what the main likes and dislikes of these potential customers are because if they are going to sign up to a weekly email newsletter or something similar, they will want to be receiving content that they are interested in, which is where your market research should really come to the fore.

How to portray the message of the brand

If you are going to be sending round a regular email newsletter then the chances are this isn’t going to be carrying much in the way of branding other than the personalised logo from the email. So, you must come up with more creative ways to ensure that your brand is firmly entrenched in the minds of your email subscribers.

A clever way of doing this would be to utilise the high quality products that your company produces, be they USBs, pens, mugs or anything else, and send them to your subscribers. For instance you could say that, as a gift for signing up to the email list, people could receive printed pens displaying the name of the company. You could even personalise these with the subscriber’s name to further engage with those that sign up to your services.

How to keep people interested

As suggested earlier, this is where your market research will really be put to the test. You can try to engage with customers online via social media sites as much as you like but if you don’t provide products and content that they are after, they are likely to turn off. In terms of email marketing, you must continue to offer subscribers content that is of interest to them and is new, rather than churning out the same old stuff. Of course, regular offers and updates are also something to keep in mind when trying to keep everyone happy.