Make your sales department a commercial cornerstone

Companies need a great sales department. Ultimately, salespeople are the ones going out to current and potential clients to promote the products and services that facilitate cash flow back into your overall turnover, which can then be channelled into expansion, for example. Even with the best business in the world, without the right people to convince customers of that, a firm may struggle.

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Getting the right team

In the current competitive business climate, it is more important than ever that directors and managers ensure they fill any vacancies with the right candidates. Especially in such an influential field as sales, one weak link in the chain could prove extremely detrimental not only to your business’s commercial success, but furthermore its overarching reputation.

With the Association of Graduate Recruiter (AGR) annual summer survey revealing that leading UK employers are receiving an average of 85 applications per graduate job and figures from the Office for National Statistics showing that the unemployment rate for February to April 2013 was 7.8 per cent, recruiting departments could find they have a great deal of applications to deal with.

Therefore, it will be vital to ensure managers are not only hiring via the appropriate channels (advertising in the right places), but also using the proper recruiting techniques to ensure they end up with the best candidates. For sales, a bog-standard interview process is unlikely to get to the true core of applicants – additional processes such as psychometric profiling and skills testing can add immeasurable value to the recruitment drive, enabling the decision-makers to really get underneath the surface of rhetoric on CVs and across the interview desk.

While psychometric profiling and skills testing are not ostensibly complicated, they must be executed in the right way in order for their value to be truly harnessed. Therefore, a company that is unsure about how exactly to go about using these additional resources for hiring might consider enlisting the help of a sales recruitment agency such asĀ this one, as it will have a wealth of experience and expertise in utilising these recruitment tools to seek out the most appropriate candidates.

Nurturing the department

Once you have the best possible sales team, it will be of paramount importance to nurture and invest in it.

A recent report compiled by work/life balance organisation Working Families with leadership and engagement specialist Susanne Jacobs and income protection firm Unum has suggested that trust between employers and staff is crucial for a work culture founded on high performance and productivity. Therefore, employers must earn – and retain – the unwavering trust, and thereby commitment, of personnel.

The sorts of initiatives that can achieve this include benefits and incentive schemes, as well as the opportunity for staff to progress – all of which must be very clearly communicated to the team.

Companies may wish to consolidate a comprehensive training programme for their sales to improve upon their existing skills, which will in turn not only make them better at their job, but furthermore feel like they are growing in their career.

Looking after your sales team is ultimately what will keep them reaping financial benefits for your company, by boosting turnover and keeping new business coming through your door.