How can you stop customers ignoring your emails?

In the corporate world, it’s important to get your message publicised and understood. The advent of technology has given us plenty of opportunities in which to do this, from email communication to social media interaction, but all this is no good if your audience are refusing to read your messages.

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So, how can you stop your emails being marked as junk or being deleted?


Personalise your messages

Nobody likes to feel like just another cog in the machine and that means generic emails which lack individuality are more likely to be discarded than those which are personalised. According to research by Aberdeen Group, personalised emails have positive effects for your business with click-through rates and conversion rates increasing by 14% and 10% respectively.


Make them relevant

Relevance is a big buzz word in the online business world and if your messages are not relevant to your audience then they’re sure to be ignored. According to Jupiter Resource, relevant emails are responsible for driving more revenue than standard broadcast emails – 18 times more in fact!


Remember the aesthetics

While the substance and relevance of your emails are undoubtedly important, a poor design will always let you down. If you’re using your emails for marketing purposes then you need something that grabs the attention of readers and encourages them to read on or click through to your site.

You can find professional email marketing design services to help you produce an attractive email design template and this is certainly worthwhile. The bigger the impression you make on your customers the better and an attractive email is one sure-fire way to go about this.


Keep it short

Customers don’t want to be bogged down with lots of unnecessary detail when reading your emails so keep things short, sweet and to the point! A length email is not going to win you any fans so sit down and work out what the key motives and points of your message are. Make these the prime focus and add a few extra details as and where necessary.

If you find that you still have a fair amount of information to include then avoiding presenting it as block text. Instead, use different sized fonts and a combination of images and logos to help get your message across in a user-friendly way.

You’ll want to consider the adaptability of your chosen design for other devices though (such as smartphones and tablets) as a large number of emails are now accessed through these gadgets meaning that you need an email design tailored to their dimensions and specifications.


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