Five signs that your website needs an update

Very few companies these days operate without a website but not all websites are equal however. Your site should be engaging and informative; it should catch the eye and help you stand out from your competitors while offering the visitor all the functionality they require.

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Here are five signs that your website could use an update:


It looks antique

Retro chic is all very well but a website that looks like it was designed when 56K modems were cutting edge isn’t going to inspire much confidence in your products or brand. Even worse is if the functionality isn’t up to scratch. Clunky graphics, confusing navigation and slow or impractical features can all make your website both look and feel dated.


It doesn’t fulfil your current requirements

Even if your website holds up technically and aesthetically, your needs as a company may have changed. You may have decided to dip into eCommerce for example and, if you do want to sell online, you have to have a platform that can do so effectively and securely.

You may have changed your corporate message, image or the way you operate. It may be feasible to simply change elements of your content or images equally it may be necessary to redesign the whole site from the ground up.


It’s difficult to maintain

Most of today’s websites are built on Content Management Systems that can be at least partially edited by people with minimal technical knowledge. Older systems should be brought into line for ease of updating. Your website should also be fully integrated into your internal system.

Itineris ltd affordable intranet design can help you create a fully integrated infrastructure.


There’s no social media integration

In 2012 Facebook announced they had broken the 1 billion active monthly users mark. To put it in context, that’s one in seven of the world’s total population using a single site. The social media is huge and your site should be integrated with your social media profiles.


It isn’t optimised for mobile

As smartphones and tablets become ever more widespread, mobile search is becoming more important to businesses of all shapes and sizes. You could opt to make your main website mobile-friendly or you could design a fully optimised sister site specifically for mobile devices.


Simplified design, site search and clearly marked navigational buttons can all help make your site more engaging and accessible to mobile users.