Efficiency boosters for the garden office

Efficiency is definitely something that can be boosted by a garden office.

You’ll soon see why by checking out the website of Garden Office UK brand The Garden Office.

It can of course be much more efficient to have a standalone space for work, such as those created by this sort of office, than to try and work in sub-optimum conditions within the home.

Efficiency may also be created if having a garden office installed would stop you having to have a long commute. Try as we might, spending a long time on a train for example, is often not the best way to use that time to work.

Even where WiFi is offered, for example, this might not function as well as you’d like it to all through the journey.

It could be much more efficient to have your commute banished and use what would have been your journey time to work in the garden office.

But there are certain things that can be done to boost efficiency once your garden room is in place, too.


Even though heading to your kitchen will likely be an easy task from your garden room, you could potentially cut down on wasted minutes by including coffee and tea-making facilities in your office outside.

If it doesn’t have its own running water, you could fill these in the morning and have fresh water to-hand for them. The other efficient thing about this is that it could encourage you to take breaks which will recharge your batteries, clear your mind and possibly lead to better productivity.

And if you think that heading to the kitchen might lead to you becoming distracted by things that are going on in the house, there’s all the more reason to put some refreshment facilities in the office.

Meeting space

Don’t make it so you’ll need to hit a local cafe for that important meeting: If your garden office has a plush meeting space you can easily meet the people you need to here – maybe offering them a hot drink from your in-office coffee maker?

It depends on the size of the garden office of course, but you could easily create a area with comfortable chairs and a coffee table in a larger garden room.

Why not put magazines relevant to your industry or copies of reports you have written on the table, for people you’re meeting to spot when they visit?

The things you need close to hand

Having the tech you need in-office could also improve efficiency. Need a printer? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t include one in your garden room, so that printing that important document won’t entail a dash across the lawn.

These days, filing cabinets are less of an important office staple, given that many of our documents are stored electronically. If you have one though, this could live in the garden office too. Where space is short, you always have the option of putting the cabinet nearby, in your main house.

Another way that the office could also be geared for efficiency is that, if you need two desks, each one for a different type of task you do in your working day, you could make this happen.